M.A.T.S.S Kids’ Gym Parties

From toddlers to tweens, M.A.T.S.S Kids’ Gym has a party option for everyone.  From beginning to end, children are guided through activities, pizza time, and cake during any of their gym parties. M.A.T.S.S Kids’ Gym employees are cheerful, friendly, and great hosts. Even the shyest of toddlers are drawn out of their shells and end up enjoy themselves.

A basic gym party for little ones starts with the kids warming up by playing freeze dance, singing familiar songs, playing with maracas, and dancing around like crazy while trying to pop bubbles. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, they are then led into another room with gym equipment such as a balance beam, uneven bars, a slide, mats, and tubes to climb over.

An adjacent room features a bounce house, hula hoops, balls, and ride-on toys. The staff then gathers the kids to play with a parachute for a few minutes before an announcement is made that it’s pizza time. Gathered around kid sized tables, children enjoy pizza and juice or water. When everyone is done eating, “Happy Birthday” is sung and cake is served.

For older children, Extravaganza parties are the way to go.  Within this party type are themes such as Art Explosion where kids make a spin art piece as well as their choice of other crafts. The Sweets and Treats themed party has kids making a candy necklace and candy sand art, decorating sugar cookies, and making their own sundaes. Select parties don’t always include gym time, although it is an add-on option.

Party prices vary depending on the type of party chosen, when the party is held (weekend versus weekday), and if any add-ons are chosen such as cotton candy, popcorn, sno-cones, special characters or mylar balloons.

In addition to parties, M.A.T.S.S Kids’ Gym locations offer classes beginning for children who are seven months old. They hold Mommy and Me classes, separation classes, a preschool and pre-kindergarten class, sports, dance classes, and a noncompetitive, non-stressful gymnastics program for kids ages 3 to 10 years old.

M.A.T.S.S. Kids’ Gym
2629 Grand Avenue, Bellmore NY
171 Eileen Way, Syosset NY
By Pamela Boccia

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