Karate Schools in Mount Sinai

Karate is defined as a Japanese art of self-defense employing hand strikes and kicks to disable or subdue an opponent. After World War II some service men in the US military learned karate in Okinawa or Japan and then opened schools in the USA. The first Dojo in the United States opened in 1945 in Phoenix, Arizona. Made popular by movies, today there are many karate schools in Mount Sinai and its surrounding area that offer different styles of karate.


Dae Hau Taekwondo School
Tae Kwon Do teaches the development of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, self-confidence, and self-defense.  
Where: 340 New York 25A, Mount Sinai, NY 11766
Contact info: (631) 473-8990


Go Ki Shotokan Karate
Shotokan is a style of karate that teaches self-defense.  Shotokan is the most popular form of karate in Japan and has millions of students throughout the rest of the world.
Where: 691 New York 25A, Miller Place. NY 11764
Contact info: (631) 806-5005


Journey Martial Arts
Journey offers a variety of classes such as Shaolin Kempo Karate, Cardio Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Qi Gong & Taiqi and Self Defense. Journey focuses on the important aspect of everyday learning. Journey’s “Learn to Earn” mindset teaches that goals are achieved through planning, effort, dedication, and discipline.
555 Hallock Avenue #3, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Contact info: (631) 476-1801


Theodorou Academy of Jiu-Jitsu
Jiu-Jitsu is a form of self defense. Theodorou teaches students to defend themselves in a variety of street situations while also enhancing fitness and conditioning.
600 Middle Country Road, Selden, NY 11784
Contact info: (631) 561-9604


United Marshill Artz
United Marcshill Artz teaches a unique system of integrated martial arts called Nagare-Do Sogo Ryu. The Nagare-Do Sogo Ryu system teaches self-defense and guides students to live life in a secure, humble, and virtuous manner.
Where: 509 Bicycle Path, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11766
Contact info:
(631) 474-0844


United Studios Martial Arts Academy
United Studios uses a multi-style approach. The school is built on six Martial Arts tenants: Courtesy, Modesty, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit.
200 Wilson Street, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Contact info: (631) 331-0458

By Tara Arichabala

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