Meet Hartlyn Kids Children’s Book Publishers

Two New York moms, Aisha Greene and Christine Mills, wanted to find a way to expose kids to other cultures right from the home. Together they launched Hartlyn Kids, an independent children’s book publishing company, to give children and their parents an opportunity to explore diversity through books. Their motto, “Travel the Globe… One Book at a Time,” captures the essence of their vision.

Hartlyn Kids books provide an authentic look into regions around the world — each is written by a local author. Hartlyn Kids offers children a unique way to keep track of their “travels” by including a passport stamp with every book. After reading the book, the child has officially “visited” that country and can collect the stamp in a Hartlyn Kids passport.

Fun Fact: The name Hartlyn comes from the combination of Hartford and Brooklyn – the locations the founders are from.

Hartlyn Kids will be at the Mamas Expo on May 5th at the New York Hall of Science at Queens. Aisha spoke with the Long Island Mamas Network about Hartlyn Kids’ participation.

Hartlyn Kids decided to partake in the Mamas Expo to spread the word about their vision. “We want to expose our books to sophisticated and cosmopolitan mothers that care about diversity and cultural education, and we know that mothers attending the Mamas Expo are just those kinds of parents!” Aisha explains.

She continues, “New York is such a melting pot, and we love interacting with New York parents who care about their children’s cultural education. Also, one of our co-founders is from Brooklyn, NY, and we would run (not walk) for the opportunity to share our books and products in one of our hometowns.”

Hartlyn Kids has many plans in store for parents while at the Mamas Expo. Aisha says, “We would like to introduce our books and products and teach people how they can travel the globe…one book at a time. We would love to read some excerpts of our stories to the children and also share our new lesson plans with the parents. We recently decided to create lesson plans to coincide with each of our books and they are free and available on our website.”

With all of these exciting plans, come visit Hartlyn Kids at the Mamas Expo. For more information about the Mamas Expo, please visit Also visit to learn more about this unique independent children’s book publisher.

Hartlyn Kids founders with their children

Hartlyn Kids founders Christine, Aisha, and their children


By Maria Adcock

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