Prenatal Acupuncture in Long Island

Having a child of one’s own is something many women decide is the right choice for them, but unfortunately conceiving a child without medical intervention is often out of reach. It’s important to utilize all options and find the best care to suit an individual’s needs. Prenatal acupuncture may help patients not only with conception but also to ease and relieve the pangs of pregnancy. Acupuncture is safe, virtually pain-free, and can be very effective. Many treatments are covered by insurance companies leaving the patient to only pay a co-pay for the visits. Acupuncture is an age-old Chinese practice where no medication is used, only tiny sterile needles to tap into your “Qi” and drive your energy in all the right directions.

Advanced Wellness of Long Island
A team of certified acupuncturists as well as a staff physician (also certified in acupuncture) make up this tranquil and spa like facility. Advanced Wellness is known as Long Island’s premiere acupuncture fertility clinic. They work to combine western medicine expertise with eastern medicine techniques. Offering full prenatal acupuncture and full IVF treatments for before, during, and after conception, they are renown for their IVF care.  Personal experience with the staff at Advanced Wellness has shown that the team is knowledgeable, encourages patients to get involved in their own wellness and well-being, and are compassionate and professional.
Where: 363 Rt. 111, Smithtown, NY
Contact Info: 631-656-0828


Amityville Acupuncture and Wellness
Dr. Erin Hurne is a board certified acupuncturist and expert in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She works with professional athletes and families and focuses on a range of treatments to achieve maximum wellness in each of her patients. She has extensive experience with Chinese medicine, both on a personal and professional level as she used acupuncture during and after her pregnancy. Her philosophy is to treat the “root imbalance” to prevent symptoms from returning.
Where: 320-3 Merrick Rd., Amityville, NY
Contact Info: 631-691-0200


Long Island Holistic Health Associates
Offering three practitioners and two offices, LI holistic Health Care is interested in managing wellness from treatment and beyond. They look at a patient’s health as a journey. They offer wellness counseling in addition to acupuncture treatment for a relaxed, educational experience. All three female practitioners are licensed acupuncturists.
Where: 399 Deer Park Ave, Suite 1, Babylon Village
Contact Info: 631-539-9733
Where: 1 Hollow Lane, Lake Success, NY
Contact Info: 516 279-6694


New York College of Health Professionals
Acupuncture treatments are performed by highly skilled and trained students of the college.  Patients will receive all the benefits of acupuncture while enjoying lower fees.  While attending to patients’ needs, the acupuncturist will explain treatments, recommend a treatment plan, and continue to provide acupuncture prenatal care using the most natural and effective ways to heal. Professional, courteous, and attentive care can be found at the NYCHP clinic.
Where: 6801 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, NY
Contact Info: 800-922-7337


New York PHD’S Acupuncture and Herbal Clinics
Dr. Suzanne Yang and Dr. Henry Liu have a combined 42 years of experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Both physicians received their medical degree from China and are currently teaching professors as well as chief doctors in their field. They are master practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. They have published 25 books and over 175 articles. They offer a wide range of acupuncture focused on infertility concerns as well as those related to female wellness, pregnancy, and post-birth healing.
Where: 335 Key Place, Jericho, NY
Contact Info: 516-749-2065

By Michelle S.


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