Local Artisan, Greener Jewelry Making

We are always on the hunt to feature local artisans, and when we spotted Marion of PaxDesign based in Long Island, we knew we found a gem.

PaxDesign is an ever-growing jewelry design business. What started out as a hobby has led to an impressive client base, ongoing requests from referred customers, and innovative, exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry. What makes PaxDesign Jewelry even more unique and special is that the artisan, Marion, re-purposes almost everything she uses to create, design, store, and sell her hand-crafted jewelry. She does all of this right from her home studio in Long Island.

What compromises most of her studio? Recycled goods. Nothing gets turned away as this jewelry maker finds a way to reuse the otherwise tossed goods either in her studio or in her designs themselves. Many of her designs feature vintage pieces, whether it be charms, an earring that long lost its mate, or a broken necklace, PaxDesign finds new life in these old gems. Some of her favorite materials to recycle, re-purpose or reuse include: old watch parts, vintage beads, clasps, buttons, fabric scraps, ribbon, text, and others’ cast- off jewelry. Each piece by PaxDesign is not only created by hand, but has a unique story or inspiration. She reuses any packing material she can, wraps with hemp and is looking to move to even more green measures as time and resources allow. Her jewelry displays, photography props, and decorative resources are all from re-purposed items.

PaxDesign creates many pieces for special occasions, birthstone pieces, and memory bracelets. The studio will also refashion great-grandma’s crystals into a sweet 16 or Bat Mitzvah bracelet.  She has researched designs to replicate and refurbish broken, long forgotten vintage pieces, and she is dedicated to preserving keepsake jewelry as well as creating new heirlooms to be passed down for years to come.

PaxDesign is careful when making children’s jewelry as being a mom herself, Marion cautions against typical jewelry for children since some can pose major choking/inhaling hazards. She also reminds us that lead is present in many crystals.  Although PaxDesign intentionally seeks out lead-free components, many countries are not as stringent with their health laws, and one cannot be sure what may be present in some newer materials. Vintage pieces may have unknown substances in them as well, and this may make them inappropriate for small children. She makes some pieces for preteens and teens such as items with charms or brightly colored bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. She designs communion and confirmation pieces, celtic inspired ones, pieces combing past and present, and everything in between. Her heart and soul goes into each unique piece created by PaxDesign.

Find her one-of-a-kind creations on Etsy.com at www.etsy.com/shop/PaxDesign1?ref=seller_info , where you can peruse all of Marion’s handcrafted, locally gr0wn and created, affordable designs.  Visit her new blog for thoughts and jewelry musings.

By Michelle S.

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4 thoughts on “Local Artisan, Greener Jewelry Making

  1. marion

    Thank you so much for this lovely article. I am proud to be a Long Island artisan and mom of three wonderful young adults. Raising children to be creative, eco-aware and confident is no easy task. Long Island Mamas Network is a valuable resource.

  2. Michelle Post author

    Her work is unbeleivable and the care and concern she puts into each piece is what really makes her work unique and very special!

  3. Michelle Post author

    Thank you for inspiring us to look beyond the ordinary! We were lucky to find you!

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