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Does your toddler love helping mommy in the kitchen? Is your tweener a budding gourmand? Does your preteen never miss an episode of Chopped or Top Chef? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, and even if you didn’t, your child would definitely enjoy taking a class or attending a workshop at What’s Cooking.


Miss Lynne, as she is affectionately called by the children, is the owner of the school and loves to
share her passion with her students. She encourages healthy eating and teaches the children how to make healthy, but exciting meals. In a recent class, a plain old pizza bagel morphed into a crazy caterpillar complete with eyes made from olives and antennae made from pretzel rods. The children all loved it and the leftovers were minimal. The students also made crepes, with no sugar in the batter and fresh fruit. It was definitely a toss-up between the moms and the kids as to who loved this dish more!
Miss Lynne believes that if a child makes a dish themselves, the child is more likely to eat it. So getting
your child to help you make that broccoli-cauliflower bake might just be the secret to getting them to eat it. She also encourages kids to try new things and uses international recipes to help expand their palates.
What’s Cooking offers Mommy and Me classes where 2- and 3-year-olds get introduced to cooking. They
get to make one or two dishes and eat their own creations. A story is also read that relates to the theme of the day. There is also a Junior Chefs class for 4-7-year-olds and a Great Chefs class for 8-12-year-olds. Junior chefs are taught simple recipes and are given a basic cooking foundation. Great chefs learn how to utilize tools and equipment properly and learn how to make dinners and desserts. There is also a class for 11-15-year-olds, the Ultimate International Chef Challenge, where students can travel to a different country each week without leaving the classroom. During each class, they learn to make an appetizer, entree and dessert from a different country.

What’s Cooking is also a great place to hold a birthday party. Different party packages are offered,
including a cake pop party, pretzel-making party, or a cookie-making party. For the enjoyment of kids and adults alike, all parties include bubble-wrap stomping! Party add-on options include a candy goody bag cart, an ice cream sundae bar, and chocolate fountains. You can also send each child home with a personalized chef’s hat and apron or a mini rolling pin as a party favor.
What’s Cooking offers a variety of weeklong summer camps appropriate for ages 2-14. You might think
there is a great disparity in the ages, but Miss Lynne says that the children work well together. The older children help out the younger children and share their knowledge with them; it helps to reinforce what they are learning.
If you want to “try before you buy,” What’s Cooking will be holding an open house on March 25 from
4-6pm. Kids will get to decorate a cupcake or make a sundae, as well as create a craft. All attendees will also receive a $25 gift certificate good towards any camp or party.
Contact Information:

What’s Cooking – 30 East Main Street  Oyster Bay, NY 11771

516-922-2665 www.whatscookingny.com



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