Review: Elly Belly Baby Planners

By Jamie Feder

Elly Belly Baby Planners helps to prevent new and busy families on Long Island from getting a bellyache while preparing for the new baby.  Owner and baby planner Meredith Johnson found her calling while planning, researching, and registering for her own child, Elizabeth “Elly”.  Meredith realized that many parents get stressed out and overwhelmed when deciding what the baby needs, what brands to buy, and finding the time to register for it all.  All families could benefit from her knowledge, professionalism, and concern for safety.

Meredith takes the time to get to know each family when providing registry assistance and gear consultation.  She takes into consideration a family’s lifestyle when determining what product is best.  What works for one family might not work for another.  She evaluates how much space a family has, how active they are, and how much they want to spend.  After the initial consultation, Meredith is better able to determine a family’s needs.

There are so many choices on the market that the whole experience can be overwhelming.  Do you really need, for instance, that $1000 stroller?  Or what type of blanket should you use to swaddle your child?  Elly Belly Baby Planners is there to guide you.  If you’re shopping for a top-notch stroller, that can grow with your family, Meredith recommends Britax’s B-Ready as well as Phil and Ted’s Explorer.  When looking for swaddling blankets, Meredith strongly suggests staying away from frilly and colorful blankets.  A swaddling blanket should be made out of a breathable material, such as muslin.  Save frilly and colorful blankets for baby pictures.

Elly Belly Baby Planners provides a variety of packages.  Meredith can go with you to the store to assist with registration.  For busy families, she can even do all of the registering.  Meredith can also help prepare your home for the new baby—from organizing the nursery to prepping the kitchen with all of the baby bottles and sanitary needs.  She also offers consulting services for new grandparents, because many products and standards have changed since they were parents.  Meredith can show them what products are essential for grandma and grandpa’s house and how to use them.  For the full range of packages and services, see her website

Elly Belly Baby Planners aims to make life simple for expectant parents.  As their saying goes, “You rock the baby, we’ll rock everything else!”

Packages start at $100

Phone (516) 468-0732


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