More Great Independent Toy Stores on Long Island

We highly encourage living and buying locally on Long Island and here are even  more reasons to do so!  When you buy from an independent locally owned business, statistically more of YOUR money is then reinvested back into your community. What do we mean by this? Well, lets say you choose to buy your toys from a local store with a local owner instead of a corporate company. The money you spend there is then more likely to be re-spent on other local goods and services such as food, office supplies and more. This type of spending is a great way to invest in your community so please, pretty please with sugar on top, buy your toys from these stores before heading to the mall. Also see our other list of 8 Independent Toy Stores on Long Island.

Gee Willikers in Locust Valley

This unique shop is known to carry products that no one else has. The store is laid out uniquely and you simply can’t walk out without buying something!

Where: 22 Forest Ave Locust Valley, NY 11560


MJ Beanz in Plainview

If you visit MJ Beanz be sure to  lookup  at the ceiling, they have been flinging small gel lizards and assorted animals since they opened their doors. It is a terrific placet to shop for party favors and they also have a great selection of personalized gifts.

Where: 345 S Oyster Bay Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

At post time they did not have a website.


La Toys, Etc. in Cedarhurst

La Toys specializes in high quality educational toys for their community. They also have hot, trendy items, kind staff and gift wrapping.

Where: 82 Columbia Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Info: Website


Funni Business in Oyster Bay

This small store has a  surprising amount of goods and is Oyster Bay’s latest toy store.

Where: 27 Audrey Avenue  Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Info: Website


Young Imagination in Babylon

This newly opened store has a great baby section as well as a nice selection of books and craft supplies.

Where: 127 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon, NY 11702


EMagine in  Oceanside

This is a large store centrally located on the South Shore. It stocks educational and fun toys and has nice and easy parking!

Where: in the Lincoln Shopping Center at 44 Atlantic Ave, Oceanside, NY

Info: Website



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