Tots On Track in Massapequa Park

With so many “chain” type mommy and me classes out there it is extremely refreshing to find a LOCAL and MOM OWNED company that provides a place for kids to play and learn and for moms to interact.  All aboard the fun train! Tots on Track has everything you could want in a “mommy and me class” with a great fun theme to tie it all together.

Tots on Track was started 14 years ago by two moms who wanted to offer moms a fun and educational place to bring their kids, as well as a place that would allow them to be with their own kids while they worked. That’s when Tots on Track was born. For the past 14 years these women have built a company that has had women returning year after year, and child after child.

With parent and teacher participation, your child will be led through games, songs, story time, crafts, free play and fun-filled activities. The fun “train” theme adds to your child’s enjoyment.

Tots On Track Classes

Caboosey Crawlers (3-14 Months)
Exploring their safe, colorful environment, your child will meet other passengers and enjoy music, while they crawl over, under, and through their equipment.

Tootin’ Toddlers (12-20 Months)

Take delight in watching your walker gain confidence and strengthen his new skills. Share in circle time, toy station and gym activities.

Tootin’ Walkers (12-24 Months)

Self-confidence will build as they make new friends, share songs and stories and participate in a variety of activities. This class is a blend of Tootin’ Toddlers and Tootin’ Runners.

Tootin’ Runners (12-36 Months)

A perfect combination of age groups one to three. Here’s the chance for you to register siblings and enjoy watching them learn and play together.

Whistling Walkers/Runners (18-30 Months with On-Site “Soft Separation”)

Your child will be introduced to age-appropriate stories. Direction following, sharing, and cooperating will be encouraged. Developing imaginations will be challenged. Watch with enthusiasm as your child masters their ever-changing obstacle courses.

Rush Hour Runners (2-3 years with On-Site “Soft Separation”)

This is the place where your child can run, jump, climb, explore and express himself in a safe childproof experiment. Happy memories are created and shared in a “YES” atmosphere.

Drop-Off (2-4 years)

Their drop-off program provides your child with these important first steps. They concentrate on separation, socialization, light learning, fine and large motor skills, and building self-confidence and self esteem. Diapers are welcome!

Tots on Track is a great, fun place for children of many ages. With classes specifically designed to group together children of the same age, you can be confident that you child will get so much out of each class. As a mom you will too! It’s a great place for mom’s to socialize and make new friends. Isn’t that partly what Mommy and Me classes are all about?

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