Review: Nature’s Premiere Diaper Service

Are you new to cloth diapering? Do you want to cloth diaper but just don’t want to deal with cleaning the diapers yourself? Are you ready to cloth diaper but don’t have the means to wash the diapers at home? Nature’s Premiere is the service for you.

Nature’s Premiere is a drop off/pick up cloth diapering service. Nature’s Premiere provides you with all of your cloth diapering needs for one week. You simply use what you need, place them in a hospital grade laundry bag (which completely contains the smell, we had NO issue!) and then simply leave the bag outside your door for pickup. The stealth staff of Nature’s Premiere will pick up your dirty, smelly diapers and replace them with sparkling clean washed, dried and folded cloth diapers, ready to be used on your little one. It couldn’t be easier!

Nature’s Premiere has a variety of packages for you to try. Want organic cotton? Need Cloth wipes too? Maybe you are totally new to CD and you need the whole kit and kaboodle – they have everything you need and they’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. BUT,  if you are not sure what you need, give them a call, 1 877-49-CLOTH (M-S, 8AM-6PM) they are available to answer all of your questions, whether big or small.

Nature’s Premiere also has an online Baby Boutique where you can purchase cloth diapers, accessories,organic toys and other unique baby goodies.

They even have a gift registry, perfect for the expectant mom. Cloth Diapering has been proven to be healthier and safer for baby and greener for Mother Nature.

We were impressed at the the great customer service, the reasonable prices and the convenience of the service. Nature’s Premiere services all of Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Click here or Call 1877 49-CLOTH to start your service today !

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