Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Cake Bakeries in Huntington Village

By Maria Wen Adcock

No birthday is complete without cake, and Huntington Village offers several quality bakeries offering customized cakes to make any child’s day special. Call bakeries for pricing as costs may vary depending on size, flavors, and fillings. Here’s 5 of our favorites.

A Rise Above Bake Shop
For over 30 years, residents have enjoyed the pastries and desserts from this quaint shop on Main Street. Loyal customers, who as children stopped by the store for treats, have come back years later for their wedding cakes. The bakers use only fresh ingredients, unbleached flour, and whole eggs in their creations.
333 Main St., Huntington, NY 11743
Contact Info: 631-351-9811

Fiorello Dolce
Fiorello Dolce, known for its excellent Italian pastries, also bakes cakes for all occasions. Cake sizes range from individual to 16” rounds and tiered. In addition to traditional chocolate and yellow, the bakery also offers many unique flavors such as Cannoli, Italian Cheesecake, and Black Forest.
57 Wall St., Huntington, NY 11743
Contact Info:

Reinwald’s Bakery
For four generations this family-owned business has baked breads, pastries, and desserts on Long Island, and over 21 years ago it opened up Reinwald’s Bakery in Huntington. The renowned bakery emphasizes freshness by mixing, baking, and decorating all within its shop. Customers can browse through pictures of customized cakes either online or in the store.
495 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743
Contact Info: 631-424-4034

Wild Flours
Customers sensitive to gluten will love Wild Flours, a gluten-free bakery that uses whole grain flours, organic/free-range eggs, and organic sugar. Ingredients are sourced from socially responsible companies. Its Wild Party Cakes are available in chocolate, chocolate raspberry, yellow, and carrot. All are dairy-free.
11 New St., Huntington, NY 11743
Contact Info:

Waldbaums Bakery
Parents on a tight budget will appreciate the bakery at Waldbaums grocery store. Compared to many other grocery store bakeries, this one makes fresh, moist, and tasty cakes. Locals who have tasted these cakes without knowing their origins have been pleasantly surprised by their quality. The baker will customize designs at no extra cost. Though cake flavors and frosting are limited to basic flavors, the cost of these cakes is significantly lower than many other places.
60 Wall St., Huntington, NY 11743
Contact Info:

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Cake Bakeries in Huntington Village

  1. Vida

    Boy, I sure do hope that you were able to taste-test (a whole) cake for each bakery! Now I know where to stop the next time I’m in town visiting friends!

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