Feasts for Beasts Opens Tomorrow, Jan 6 at the Long Island Children’s Museum

Feasts for Beasts, a  new permanent exhibit opens Jan. 6 at the Long Island Children’s Museum in Garden City. Why are there so many ways to describe the way that animals eat?  Visitors to the Long Island Children’s Museum will learn the answer as they explore the Museum’s newest permanent exhibit, Feasts for Beasts.  The hands-on exhibit explores the various ways that animals find and eat their food.

Welcome to the Animal Diner…

The centerpiece of the exhibit is the “Animal Diner” where visitors can role play as they serve meals to a demanding clientele including a black bear (omnivore), beaver (herbivore) and boa constrictor (carnivore), among others.  An interactive component will alert visitors if the meal they’ve selected for the Diner patrons is a suitable match for them.

See Live Animals

Feasts for Beasts includes a thematic learning studio featuring live animal habitats allowing visitors to identify the predators and prey among the exhibit’s animal menagerie. Children will have the chance to see Yoshi, the bearded dragon, white tree frogs, ball python, giant African millipede and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.  A “crittercam” will allow visitors to see animal behavior when animals are hiding in their enclosures.  Visitors will also be able to view feeding times throughout the day.

Check out the Buzz

Ever see a real life Bee Hive? The LICM Observation Beehive was rescued following Hurricane Irene and the Queen and her worker bees have settled into their new glass home at the Museum.  Throughout the year, visitors will observe pollen being deposited, young bees emerging from their cells and learn about the division of labor inside a hive.

In addition to the live animals, the exhibit includes several collection pieces including the skulls of a lion, bear and zebra.  Children can manipulate jaws to view the mouth mechanics that let animals chow down or touch the teeth of a great white shark.  The Children’s Museum engaged Emmy-award winning cinematographer and Long Island resident Alan Teitel to capture intricate mechanics of the mouthparts of a butterfly, cockroach and fly in slow-motion.

The Museum will celebrate the arrival of this new permanent exhibit with a special weekend of hands-on activities on January 7-8 (12- 3 p.m.) Throughout the weekend children will explore the food chain, create “critter chomper” masks and get their faces painted like a favorite from the animal kingdom.
In addition to the new permanent exhibit, the Children’s Museum will welcome several traveling exhibits in 2012 including The Mystery of the Mayan Medallion (January 27-April 29) and Framed: Step Into Art (June 3-September 2). The Feasts for Beasts exhibit was inspired by Animals Eat: Different Feasts for Different Beasts, developed by Brooklyn Children’s Museum,

Long Island Children’s Museum
Where: 11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY.
Contact Info: 516-224-5800 or go to www.licm.org

Museum admission: $11 for adults and children over 1 year old, $10 seniors, FREE to museum members and children under 1 year old.

Additional fees for theater and special programs may apply.

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