Dim Sum in Huntington: The Perfect Place to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Editor’s Note: Legacy Restaurant has closed and is now Ting which serves Asian Fusion food.

Chinese food lovers rejoice! Dim Sum has arrived in Huntington at the newly-opened Legacy Restaurant. No more having to schlep the kids to Flushing or New York City’s Chinatown to experience authentic Dim Sum. The restaurant’s central location in Long Island makes getting there easy whether families live in Suffolk or Nassau counties.

Dim Sum, or small individual portions of food traditionally served in steamer baskets or plates, is typically served on weekends for lunch. In Chinatown, restaurant patrons usually must wait in long lines and share tables with other customers to experience this popular “Chinese brunch” – a challenge when bringing little ones.

The spacious Legacy Restaurant provides a much more pleasant experience for families. The Asian fusion restaurant opened in December 2011, and in mid-January 2012 the owners decided to add Dim Sum to its core menu. The ornate Asian-inspired décor, deep leather seats, and fine white tablecloths suggest an adults-only venue, but the restaurant happily serves families. They provide high chairs and allow plenty of room between tables to easily accommodate strollers. The Dim Sum pieces are also the perfect size for little hands.

Unlike in Chinatown, Dim Sum plates are not shelved in carts rolled throughout the restaurant by the wait staff. Legacy Restaurant provides a Dim Sum list with a pen and customers simply check off what they wish to order. Dishes are directly brought to the table freshly-cooked from the kitchen.

The Dim Sum options include traditional items, though for rookie diners it would be helpful if the menu listed descriptions. One popular plate is the Chinese Breadsticks – the Americanized name of yóu tiáo which is a long, golden brown deep fried strip of dough. At Legacy Restaurant, the item is served cut into small pieces and is expertly fried.

The Roast Pork Buns, or chā shāo bā, come two to a plate. Fluffy white dough encases flavorful morsels of pork and steamed. Some less authentic Chinese restaurants will dye the pork red to give it color; apparently Legacy does not use dyes in the filling of their buns as there was a natural color to the BBQ pork.

The Dim Sum Platter includes a sampling of five dumplings – several shrimp-filled versions and a pork soup dumpling known as xiǎo lóng bāo. The menu also features customary foods like Shrimp Siu Mai, Sticky Rice with Red Bean Paste, Sesame Balls, and Shrimp Rice Wraps.

The Dim Sum menu includes one large dish, the Wide Rice Noodles, or chǎo fěn. At less genuine Chinese restaurants, cooks will sometimes take short cuts and substitute less expensive ingredients like cabbage and white button mushrooms. At Legacy Restaurant, this dish is brightly-colored and filled with choice vegetables such as Chinese mushrooms, snow peas, pea shoots (a fragile delicacy that’s hard to harvest and must be used within a couple of days), yellow squash, and zucchini.

All items on the Dim Sum menu are $4 except for the Dim Sum Platter ($5) and Wide Rice Noodles ($8). Legacy Restaurant serves Dim Sum Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am–3 pm and Sundays 12 pm-3 pm.

Where: Legacy Restaurant, 92 E. Main St., Huntington, NY 11743
Asian Fusion
: Moderate
Monday-Thursday 11 am-10 pm, Friday-Saturday 11 am-11 pm, and Sunday 12 pm-10 pm.
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5 thoughts on “Dim Sum in Huntington: The Perfect Place to Celebrate Chinese New Year

  1. Julie

    Nice to have dim sum available in Huntington. Is the price of dim sum comparable to that in the city?

  2. Bicultural Mama

    Julie – To answer your question, Dim sum plates in the city vary in price depending on the venue. However, given there is much more competition in Chinatown for dim sum, the prices overall tend to be a bit less from $2.50-$4 a plate. However, if you live in Long Island you do save money on gas or train costs of going into the city by eating locally.

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