Baby Breath Lamaze Class in East Islip

by Jamie Feder

Wendi Andria, RNC, BSN, CCE

Childbirth is an overwhelming experience, especially for first-time mothers and fathers.  You can read all the baby books and scour the internet, but you never really feel prepared.  Baby Breaths Lamaze and Childbirth class gives moms and dads the tools they need in order to breathe easy during the birthing process.

Wendi Andria, a registered nurse with a certification in in-patient obstetrics, teaches the class.  Wendi is the mother of three young children and experienced labor and delivery nurse.  She is an intelligent and well-spoken woman, who makes an enormous topic into a fun and informative six-hour class.  Wendi creates an open environment where couples are comfortable to ask questions without being judged.

Expectant parents who are looking for a childbirth class should make sure they also get an education about what will happen in a hospital. Knowing what to expect while in the hospital, will lessen anxiety for the mom to be. Wendi knows firsthand about hospital protocol and what a pregnant woman can expect while in the hospital.

Childbirth is a long process that can be broken up into three stages—early, active, and transitional.  Wendi explains what is happening to your body and what you should be doing during each stage.

The course teaches mothers when they should go to the hospital and what they can do to be more comfortable.  Lying down on a hospital bed too early, for example, can prolong the birthing process.  Being active during childbirth helps with pain management and can shorten labor.

Wendi explains to parents that relaxed women generally have easier pregnancies.  While it is hard to stay relaxed, she discusses methods for remaining as calm as possible.  Parents, for example, learn different Lamaze breathing techniques and at what stage of childbirth to do each technique.  Lamaze does not take away the pain, but it helps to distract mothers from the pain.

Baby Breaths is not only vital for new mommies, but also for fathers.  Wendi teaches fathers what they should be doing and what they can expect at each stage.  Childbirth is an experience that both parents must take an active part in.  It is the father’s job to keep you focused and calm.  She also teaches both parents how to advocate for themselves in the hospital.

Wendi’s Baby Breaths class is truly remarkable.  Both mother and father leave the class feeling informed and less anxious about the labor process.

Wendi offers small class instruction (about eight couples) as well as private classes that can be held in the comfort of your home.  Small classes are held at Embrace Yoga in East Islip.  Wendi is also available for baby CPR classes.


Baby Breaths Classes

Where: Embrace Yoga
84 Main Street
East Islip, NY 11730
How Much:
Small Group Instruction – $175 per couple
Private Instruction – $250 per couple

Contact Info: (631) 707-6598,


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