Pregnancy Pampering at Keep In Touch Licensed Massage Therapy

By Jamie Feder
Keep In Touch Licensed Massage Therapy truly believes that you should “Take a break from your baby bump” and pamper yourself.  For an hour, I was spoiled and comforted while knowing that my baby and I were in good hands.

Keep in Touch, located in Little Neck, Queens, has been in business for over 10 years.  Jessica Ferrara and Dawnmarie Manduca-Molina are the co-owners as well as New York State licensed massage therapists. The massage rooms at Keep in Touch are warm and inviting with dim lighting and soft music to help decrease a patron’s stress level. They use a prenatal massage table (unlike some massage businesses), which is specially designed with holes to fit a pregnant woman’s breasts and stomach while lying face down.

These holes adjust for additional support, depending on the size of a client’s baby bump.  The staff can also adjust the incline of the massage table in order to make the client more comfortable.  Lying on a prenatal massage table for even a short period of time can relieve the pressure from a pregnant woman’s back, pelvis, and legs.  During my own experience, I felt weightless while lying facedown on the table.  For a half hour, the pressure on my back was completely alleviated (such bliss!).

Using an organic massage lotion, the massage therapist begins with the patron’s upper body (including face and head) before moving down to the lower body.  Prenatal massage therapy helps to lessen the swollenness so commonly associated with pregnancy.  In addition to easing physical strain, a prenatal massage can also decrease emotional tension.  It improves circulation, reduces metabolic waste, and helps with sleep.  All of which are beneficial to a pregnant woman and her baby.

Keep In Touch Licensed Massage Therapy also offers infant massage classes for parents and their babies.  This class is a one-on-one class, where the instructor shows parents how to use massage techniques on their baby.  Just like an adult massage, an infant massage is known to be calming and improves circulation. Infant massage also allows parents and child another opportunity to bond. The instructor teaches parents how much pressure to use as well as a massage routine that is beneficial for the baby. In addition, Keep In Touch offers Sports Massage, Heat or Ice Therapy, Postnatal Massage, Aromatherapy, and Yoga classes.

A good massage is an emotional and physical treat that every woman should indulge in.  For an hour, I was able to relax and forget the stresses involved with having a baby.  Afterwards, my body felt wonderful and, more important, I felt reinvigorated.  Keep In Touch Massage was a fabulous experience!

Keep in Touch
45-13 Little Neck Parkway

Little Neck, New York 11362




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