L.I. Mamas Holiday Giveaways #9: Deluxe Prize Package from Orbeez, Worth $75

Happy Holidays everyone! Here at Long Island Mamas, we want to show our appreciation for our readers with some holiday cheer (and presents!) We’ve got a bunch of giveaways from now until Christmas Day – so keep checking back to see what we’ve got (and enter, of course). Our next giveaway is an Deluxe Package from Orbeez which includes their fabulous Soothing Spa ($30), Perfume Magic ($15). Mood Lamp ($15) and Light-up Heart ($15). Our writer Julie tested out Orbeez for our gift guide and her daughter loved all the products.  Enter Below.

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One thought on “L.I. Mamas Holiday Giveaways #9: Deluxe Prize Package from Orbeez, Worth $75

  1. Lara Murphy

    I love all of your contests… they are AMAZING and perfect for my girls!!!!! I have one question… I have been filing out your survey everytime I enter a contest….. I have never been asked to register on the survey site. I am just making sure that all my enteries will be counted for all of the giveaways I entered on your site….

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