The Best Eco Friendly Toy Companies

By Michelle Spreckels

This year we are trying to be as “green” as we can in our purchasing choices.With all the gift wrap, plastic packaging, and endless discarded twist ties, not to mention the masses of battery operated toys, being “green” seems nearly impossible.  But we have decided to make “greener” choices from the start. Buying an eco friendly toy is better for your child and Mother Earth. Most often, if a toy is labeled “green” or “eco friendly”, it’s packaged efficiently,  so there’s less to discard and/or it’s packaged using more  post-consumer and recyclable materials.

We have complied a list of some of this year’s best eco-friendly toy companies, tried and loved by a genuine kid -tested panel! When purchasing an eco-friendly toy, it is most “green” to buy your toy from a local, small business when possible. This cuts down on shipping, packaging and often price. Plus, you’ll receive one-of-a-kind service! But we know the holidays are tough, so most companies and stores offer online purchasing as well. If possible, choose UPS as they have the largest fleet of cleaner burning trucks!


Discoveroo- This company has a variety of eco- friendly educational games and toys. From rattles, to stackers, to pull toys and even doll house furniture, you’ll find an eco friendly, non-toxic, long lasting toy to suit every child on your list, without breaking the bank!

____________________________________________________________________ You may be familiar with Discovery. The wide range of toys can suit any taste, budget or hobby.  We love their spaceship made from sustainable wood.


Also Animal Planet, a division of Discovery, has a philanthropic goal, whether it’s saving the rain forest, protecting an endangered species or raising money to stop poaching, you can feel good and GREEN about purchasing an Animal Planet toy.

Green Toys- This company is one of our favorites as not only are the toys eco friendly (made from recycled milk jugs!), they are made right here in the USA. Non toxic, durable and affordable, Green Toys offers many options for green gift giving.


Haba Toys-This German based company makes exceptionally crafted toys. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and creative, Haba toys never disappoint. Sturdy, long-lasting and innovative, Haba toys, while a bit more expensive,  are a worth while investment toy. We have passed along many well-loved Haba toys, and they look as good as new. Haba toys can be found mostly online or at fine specialty toy stores. Check your local toy store first! Lainie’s Way in Port Jefferson is one local toy store carrying Haba’s fine toys and games.


HaPe- This international toy company sells a large array of eco-friendly toys. HaPe sells many educational toys, games and puzzles from birth on up. We especially love the Educo line of toys. You can find HaPe toys and games online, as well as at Target and other local retailers, click here for more information.




Melissa and Doug- A popular toy brand, non-toxic, hand-crafted and tons of wooden options makes Melissa and Doug our “go to” toy brand. Most independently owned and operated local toy stores sell Melissa and Doug toys and educational games.



Planet Happy Toys- is a site that is new to us. Although we favor purchasing “green” toys locally, we fell upon this site and had to include it on our eco-list.  With a wide array of toys for children of all ages, this eco-friendly company had us hooked after our first click. Our favorite part about it? The full disclosure, you can click to see where the toy was not only designed but also manufactured.





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