The Muppets! A Movie Review

Looking for a good, family friendly movie to see over the Thanksgiving weekend? Or maybe for your spouse to take the kids to (while you go Black Friday Shopping?)

We had the chance to preview the new Muppets movie, set to hit theaters on November 23, 2011. Jason Segal has co-written this funny, fast paced, and as expected, sentimental movie.

While touring what used to be home to the famed Muppets Theater, Walter (who’s the Muppet brother of Gary (played by Jason Segal) — who’s a long time dedicated fan, learns that plans to turn the Muppets Theatre into a museum are about to be foiled by an evil millionaire oil mogul.  Walter decides he must tell his muppet idol, Kermit the Frog to come up with a plan to stop Mr. Tex Richman, (Chris Cooper). They need to either raise ten million dollars or move aside to let the oil rigs start digging…

Along with his brother (Jason Segal), his brother’s girlfriend Mary, (Amy Adams), Walter hits the streets of LA to  go on a quest to find the beloved green friend.  Kermit agrees to host a telethon with the Muppets to raise the necessary ten million dollars.

Kermit and the gang have long been separated.  Each of the muppets has moved along in their career paths; Miss Piggy is a plus size fashion editor, Gonzo, CEO of the world’s largest plumbing company and Fozzie Bear has found himself singing advertisements in a tired Reno nightclub.  Seeing his friends again only makes Kermit realize how lost he has been without them.

We loved the musical feel of this movie, the great camera work and the “You Can Do Anything!” message.  The Muppets movie is filled with slap stick humor, tongue- in- cheek laughs, and silly punchlines.  With surprise celebrity guest appearances, 80s nostalgia and good ol’ Muppet charm, The Muppets is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Rated PG. We agreed with this rating and felt it was deserved. Little ones in the theater were a bit afraid of  the intimidating Mr. Richman.


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One thought on “The Muppets! A Movie Review

  1. Danielle

    I’m so excited the muppets have made a new movie. I loved them growing up and now my daughter will be able to love them too. Great review! I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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