Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

by Maytal Wichman and Nancy Horn

Beautiful Princesses! Frogs! Mickey and Minnie! Plus an alligator and a horse  — on skates! If you’re wondering what show could possibly have all that, then you need to check out Disney on Ice: Dare To Dream!  Little princesses (and princes) of all ages will be delighted with the story, action and stunts.  The show begins with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy introducing the story of The Princess and the Frog. Everyone enjoyed the story of Tiana and Prince Naveen. The music was bouncy and humworthy — and the lighting and sets (while minimal) were impressive.

Next Micky and Minnie introduced the classic story of Cinderella. “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” song from Cinderella that got pretty much the entire audience clapping, singing and cheering. Seeing the carriage “ride” on the ice was also impressive.The last segment, Tangled, really made the crowd go crazy. The horse, Maximus, looked really realistic and amazing and we couldn’t believe that two people could be inside and skate in sync like that. The best part was when Rapunzel and Flynn flew holding on to a long yellow fabric that was dangling from the ceiling and was supposed to be the “hair” – children and adults were equally impressed.

The segments are each 30 minutes long (perfect or little attention spans) and tell the stories of The Princess and Frog, Cinderella and Rapunzel.

The stories are basically identical to the movies and include major scenes, all the main characters, props and, of course, the songs. Mickey, Minnie and the gang came out on the ice between stories to give an introduction. This was a lot of fun because it got the kids involved. For example, Mickey and Minnie would ask the kids questions and the kids participated in trying to guess which princess they were talking about.

The finale had all the characters, of course, along with Mickey and Minnie dressed up as a prince and princess, as well as all the other princesses, such as Arielle, Snow White, Belle, etc.

We recommend wearing princess attire and sparkly tiaras. While there are discounts (here’s a discount for $4 off) and reasonable seat prices, the price of souvenirs and snacks were expensive, so limit your princess to just one (or come armed with your own light-up wands (or non-light up wands) and snacks. While the show has now left Long Island, you can still catch it in New Jersey at the Prudential Center and the Izod Center through November 27th.














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