Local Long Island Shopping: Lainie’s Way- An Educational Toy Store

We love to shop locally. With economic times as hard as they are, it is important to support local businesses in order to keep the integrity of our Long Island towns. There are numerous benefits to shopping locally, a fact of which I was once again reminded as I stepped through the doors of Lainie’s Way, located in the quaint town of Port Jefferson.

Horseshoe display of many toys and games

Lainie’s Way is an educational toy store. Many mistakenly call it the “kite” store due to the abundance of attractive wind spinners and flags that adorn the outside of the store.  But Lainie’s Way is so much more than just a “kite” store. Unique in nature, clean and well organized, Lainie’s Way is a must-stop shop for the holidays.

Not only are you greeted in a friendly manner, you literally get the run of the store. The store is set up so that there is “one of everything” on display. If you have a question about a toy or game, a well informed employee will demonstrate how it works. Better yet, they get you involved to ensure you know how to play the game you are purchasing! The “horseshoe” display of items let you see, touch and play with Lainie’s top picks. The featured games range for ages 5-young adult, but one can find special sections for young babies, toddlers and preschoolers. and yes, she even sells kites!

We loved how a member of the staff of Lainie’s Way literally got down on the floor to teach two eager preschoolers a new game. Not only was she patient, but attentive and let them lead their own learning. Many eco- friendly toys are featured and the owner, (Miss Lainie herself) knows the back story of every toy she sells!

We found the prices to be surprisingly reasonable. In some instances cheaper than the big box stores. Most of the toys sell for only a few dollars more than you could possibly find online. But factor in the shipping, disconnect and lack of physical contact you have with a potential purchase — buying a toy or game at Lainie’s Way definitely wins out! We were awed by the range of the merchandise sold, from Swedish toys to German games.

If you are looking for a special gift, Lainie’s Way will spend the time with you to find one that suits every little person on your holiday gift list, and show you just how to to use it to boot!

Lainie’s Way is located at 109 Main Street, Port Jefferson Village, 631 474-5558, or info@lainiesway.com

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One thought on “Local Long Island Shopping: Lainie’s Way- An Educational Toy Store

  1. Mel

    What an adorable store! It’s important to shop locally at the family owned stores and keep the businesses running. It adds to the charm of the neighborhood.

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