Birthday Party at The Science Museum of Long Island

Nestled in an old Gold Coast mansion on 36 acres, overlooking Manhasset Bay and Leeds Pond, is the Science Museum of Long Island in Plandome, NY.   It’s a terrific place to hold your child’s next birthday party, with fun science-based activities, led by a certified teacher.

We held our son’s 6th birthday party there recently and our little scientists had a ball. We chose the Science Magic for our lesson (we also could have chosen Animal Encounters, Creepy Crawlies, or Discovering Dinos). Our extremely energetic teacher, Celeste, led a fun lesson on changing colors with food coloring and baking soda. It was very hands- on and engaging. Our instructor, Celeste, was relaxed when my son knocked his test tube over and encourage children to experiment and not worry about being neat. They did several cool experiments and also made “snow” and got to take it home. Everything was safe for kids to touch and play with.

The party part was held in an adjoining room. The Science Museum took care of everything (we just supplied a Costco cake). After the party was over, the party assistant cleaned up everything and the weather was warm enough that the children got to play outside on the gorgeous grounds.

The Science Museum of Long Island offers enrichment workshops for children on weekdays and during school vacations.   All activities at the Science Museum are pre-registered hands-on science workshops (meaning you and your family can’t just show up for the day). We will definitely be back to register for an enrichment workshop — and we highly recommend the Science Museum of Long Island as a wonderful party option for your children!


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One thought on “Birthday Party at The Science Museum of Long Island

  1. Soft Play Hire

    Wow!! What an amazing party! I would never have thought of having a party at a museum. I am certainly going to be looking to do something similar here in the UK. It looks like you all had a wonderful day, thank you for sharing this with us.

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