After The Turkey’s Eaten: Simple & Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Photo courtesy of Disney Family Fun

by Maytal Wichman

Turkey time over? Instead of turning on the tv or iPad, get out some construction paper and some everyday household items and start creating with your child. Crafts can be a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about holidays and traditions. We’ve gathered a few fun ones from Disney Family Fun for kids of all ages.

Colorful Turkey Caddy

Sometimes when my kids color in their coloring books on the table they only really need a handful of markers at a time. This craft is not just easy to make, but is also perfect for those times you only want to take out a few markers and not a lot at once. It can also be used for crayons.

Paper Turkey Pins

These adorable pins will not only look cute on your kids, but can also be attached to the napkin cloths. Just watch out for the little ones with the safety pins.

Corn-Print Place Mats

Toddlers will love dipping the ears of corn in paint and rolling them on the place mats. You can also make a few extra ones with green and red colors for Christmas.

Turkey Day Awards

This unique idea is a great way to bring the family close together! While I would love to get “best cook award” this year, I’d happily settle for “Mommy of the year”…

Turkey Nut Holder

Who knew you could do so much with used egg cartons? These are not just great as nut holders, but you can put in them cherry tomatoes and baby carrots or grapes and strawberries. Kids will love eating straight out of them – just use a plastic saran wrap as lining.

Thanksgiving Turkey Luminarias

These 100% fireproof and stunning lanterns will create a magical glow and no doubt impress your guests as they leave your house, as well as your neighbors.

Pilgrim Pal

This cute-as-a-button Pilgrim doll will not only be a favorite with the kids – it will also give you an opportunity to tell the story of Thanksgiving.

Let us know if you try any of these!


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