8 Yummy Things To Make With Leftover Halloween Candy

by Maytal Wichman

If you’re like me and have more candy than trick-or-treaters, or if your kids got way too many that they can handle, here are some delicious suggestions of what to do with them. (Note: some of these suggestions may even be healthy!)


Chocolates (such as mini Hershey bars, Hershey Kisses, etc)

  • Melt in microwave and dip strawberries or bananas in it. Refrgierate until hardens.
  • Mix with almonds (or other types of nuts), drop by spoonful onto foil and refrigerate for delicious nut clusters.
  • Melt and put in yogurt.
  • Add some heavy cream and heat together in a saucepan for a ganache which you can put as icing on cupcakes and cakes.
  • Put in blender with soymilk/almond milk for a shake . You can also add banana and/or peanut butter to it.

Mini candy bars (such as mini Snickers, etc)

  • Chop up and use as an ice cream topper, cake, pie or cupcake decorations.

Candy (such as Skittles, gummy bears, cut up Twizzlers and gummy worms, etc)

  • Use as ice cream/frozen yogurt toppers.
    Ice cream and frozen yogurt are actually healthier “junk foods” because they contain some calcium, and if you buy all-natural, there are no artificial ingredients.

Peppermint candy

  • Crush and put in hot chocolate.

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