10 Tips for Boosting Your Child’s Grades

Photo courtesy of www.sheknows.com

by Maytal Wichman

If you’ve just returned from the parent-teacher conference with a report card that shows less than stellar grades, being proactive and asking for advice from the teacher is the first step you can take. We’ve also gathered for you some tips from a couple of websites to help you assist your child in his schoolwork and create effective study habits to boost their grades.

www.Voice92.com has lots of useful tips:

  1. Promise small rewards for achieving desired grades.
  2. Reduce exposure to television, movies and video games.
  3. Make sure your child eats a diet that is based on fresh fruits & veggies and clean, unprocessed food. Avoid junk food. Also, make sure your child eats breakfast.
  4. Pay attention to your child’s sleeping patterns.
  5. Playing games such as scrabble and solving crosswords will increase vocabulary.
  6. Improve spelling by encouraging your child to write letters to friends or stories.
  7. Keep an eye on your child’s friends. Help him develop friendships with well-mannered children that do well in school.

www.More4kids.info also offers some great tips:

  1. Figure out your child’s style of learning. Some kids learn by watching, others by listening and others need hands-on experience.
  2. Make sure your child’s homework is getting done.
  3. Teach your child organizational and time management skills. For example, encourage your child to write down the homework so he or she doesn’t forget.


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