Road Trip Guide To Myrtle Beach SC: Family Kingdom Amusement and Water Park

Down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and looking for fun activities with the kids? Family Kingdom offers an seaside amusement park and water park, located on Ocean Blvd. in Myrtle Beach.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park houses more than 30 rides! They have everything from thrilling roller coasters to a little train (for the wee ones) that rides around the outer perimeter of the park.
I took my four kids, ages 9 to 16, to the Amusement Park. We bought a pay one price wrist band so we could enjoy all the rides as many times as we wanted (Height requirements apply for certain rides).
First up was the Ferris Wheel. From the top, you had a beautiful view of the area beaches. Then it was on to the roller coaster. As soon as you heard the click of the seat bar, it was time to sit back and enjoy the ride. There were also two go-kart tracks, bumper cars, tilt a whirl and a carousel.

Next we went on the scramble, the galleon and the newest attraction, which is called the slingshot. It is where you freefall 110 feet. Boy is that a bit scary!!

Then it was time to play a few games (these are extra cost). Then onto the swings! It was getting a bit hot, so we stopped at one of the concession stands, which are located frequently around the park. We though it was a good value to get a family kingdom cup for $10 filled with our favorite beverage. Refills were only .99 and we took the cups home for a souvenir.

After refueling ourselves, it was time to practice our driving on the old fashion cars. Then onto the Hurricane, where if you didn’t hold on, you were guaranteed to slide into your buddy. Lots of fun music was blasting as you spun up and down on this mini sized coaster.

Feeling a little heated still, then hop on over to the Log Flume- Water Ride. TIP: Watch out if you sit in the front – we got soaked!! This was a great way to cool off. I would recommend wearing a bathing suit or having an extra change of clothes in the car just in case.

For those families that just want to cool off,  Family Kingdom’s Water Park is ideal. It’s Myrtle Beach’s only oceanfront water park and while it’s on the smaller size – it’s packed with fun!

First we grabbed our tubes and climbed up to the water slides, where we had our choice of three different paths. One was even partially in the dark!! We each whisked our way through a different path, so we could compare at the bottom. Then it was time to switch!

Next it was time for the slide with the 100 foot drop. It was time to just lie back, cross your arms and go!! Boy was that one high.They also had an area with a splash pool. There were eight different kiddie slides, two rain trees and a specially designed waterfall.

When you need change of pace from the rushing of the slides, go grab a tube and relax on the lazy river. Here you can glide through the cool, refreshing water. Watch out for the waterfalls! You will get soaked!!

Need to take a break? There is a snack bar and a game room located at the bottom of the water slides in an air conditioned building. There are also lockers to hold your towels, sunscreen, and essentials.

Break is over? You can easily walk down the path and head to the beach to catch a little sun and hit the waves. For an extra fee, there are also boating, parasailing and other water activities.

For pricing and hours, check out the website:


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