How to Make the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

by Maytal Wichman

That time of the year is coming up. Some dread it while others are excited about it: the parent-teacher conference. We’ve gathered some great tips from various websites to help you get the most out of your meeting with your child’s teacher. has some great tips to share:

  • Write down what you’d like to discuss with the teacher
  • Begin with positive comments about the teacher or classroom
  • Be open-minded to suggestions from the teacher
  • Tell your child what you discussed with his/her teacher
  • Show gratitude to the teacher has a list of questions that may be asked by the parents. Use that list to get ideas for questions to ask your child’s teacher. Here are some good questions:

  • Is my child working up to his/her ability?
  • What are his/her strengths and weaknesses, and what can I do to help with weaknesses?
  • Is my child meeting your expectations for learning and behavior?
  • If my child is struggling in any area, what has been done to improve performance?
  • Are there any concerns about my child’s health, adjustment issues, social issues? also has some useful tips:

  • Let the teacher know about any situation at home that may affect your child’s schoolwork, such as a new baby.
  • Take notes to help you remember what you discussed and what was agreed upon.
  • End the conference with a plan for what you and the teacher will do, and follow up with a phone call or another meeting to make sure the plan is working.







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