October is Fire Prevention Month: Fire Safety Checklist

October is Fire Prevention Month with many local municipalities hosting their annual fire prevention week in the next week or so. After speaking with a local member of the fire department we compiled this fire safety and prevention checklist:

  • Always Dial 911 in case of an emergency. They will dispatch the appropriate service personal to your home.
  • Post accurate home phone number, address including cross streets by the phone in case of an emergency (this way a babysitter, family member or visitor has the information they need to get an emergency crew to you as fast as possible)
  • Practice fire drills including using all exits and denoting a family meeting spot outside of the home
  • Tot finder reflective stickers should be placed INSIDE the house on the lower portion of the child’s door (firefighters entering the home will shine their flashlights looking for said reflective sticker)
  • Clean out dryer vent EVERY time
  • Vacuum under or behind your refrigerator
  • Check ALL smoke detector batteries monthly (every room should have one, on every floor, including the attic and basement)
  • Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed on every floor (not in the kitchen) and batteries should be checked regularly
  • Check all lamp cords for signs of wear and tear, remove if ANY coating is damaged or missing
  • Check to make sure you are using the appropriate wattage in every lamp, or light including track lighting/hi hats
  • Check outlet devices for cracks
  • Place Fire extinguishers in the kitchen and in the basement
  • Never use the oven as a heat source
  • If you have an oil burner, make sure to get it serviced annually (if you have a service contract with a compancy, this service is most always included)
  • Electric heaters are an unsafe way to heat a space
  • Extension cords should be used short term and immediately removed.

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