Movie Review: The Mighty Macs

Anyone who has ever played sports can relate to The Mighty Macs movie very well —  but this movie is more than just about women’s basketball.  It is about learning to overcome obstacles, like having no gym to hold practice, having no fan support, no money or like wearing romper-like skirts as uniforms; it is about relationships, building trust and watching each others’ backs. Based on the incredible true story of the 1971-72 Immaculata College Women’s Basketball Team, the young women learn that it’s okay to want to win and follow their dreams.

The setting is Immaculata College in Philadephia, an all-girl catholic school  in financial turmoil and no support for extracurricular activities. One person, Cathy Rush ( played by Carla Gugino  showed up for the job of head coach. She has aspirations beyond being a stay at home wife of a basketball referee.  She wanted to have a family, but did not want to pass up a chance at something she had a passion about – building a team, winning and playing from the heart. Her husband, Ed, was not too thrilled with her taking this job.  Some of the girls had to lie to their parents about being a student in college, let alone being on the basketball team. With help from Sister Sunday (played by Marley Shelton),  a spunky assistant coach who is having some second thoughts about her placement at Immaculata, the team worked together, had each others’ backs, and became the original Cinderella story in women’s basketball.

This team of trailblazers went from barely making that inaugural tournament to the first dynasty in their game. Cathy Rush went on to lead Immaculata College to 3 consecutive championships.

Running time: 1hour 42 minutes

Rating: G

Opening Date: 10/21/11

I give it 5 stars. It is a must see movie in my book!


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