Kids Classes: Gymboree of Woodbury

Sometimes as a parent you want to be able to go to one place and get an array of classes. We don’t have time to drive to one place for this, and another place for that. That is why Gymboree is the perfect place for your kids to go to learn and play. With gym, art, sports, family and music classes there is something for every child

Gymboree has been fostering creativity and confidence in children ages 0-5 for over 30 years. Gymboree began in 1976 when a mother started her own program with a safe, fun place featuring age appropriate activities for parents and young children to play together. From there, Gymboree grew and today there are over 550 locations in 30 countries.

The most popular class is the Play and learn class. This class encourages development through play and learning. From sensory stimulation to problem-solving games and storytelling, the play and learn classes use play based activities to stretch the body and mind. One great feature about this and other Gymboree classes is that it is broken down by age. For example level 1 is for children 0-6 months, level 2 is 6-10 months and so on. This allows for your child to interact with children their own age, and to do activities that cater to your child’s development.

Other Gymboree classes include:

Once you become a Gymboree member with a one time fee you get to enjoy the benefits for a lifetime! Not only do you get to attend your chosen class, you then are allowed to go to open gym times at other locations. After all that, you also get huge discounts at Gymboree clothing, plus their two other children’s clothing brands- Janie and Jack and Crazy 8.

Right now Gymboree is offering 30% off it’s classes through December 24th! Also, print out this Gymboree coupon to get $50 off enrollment. You can even take a free class! Be sure to mention Long Island Mamas when signing up!

Gymboree can be found at tons of locations all over Long Island. That means not only is there a class for all your needs, you also are able to find that class close to home!





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