Jungle Speed Makes Learning Fun!

by Maytal Wichman

Studies show that children who play board games receive all kinds of benefits, from better cognitive abilities and hand-eye coordination, to teamwork and perseverance. One of those games, is Jungle Speed (MSRP $21). I  was originally going to attempt playing it with my 4.5 year old daughter, but since she was a little too young to understand the rules, she ended up playing it as a matching game and loved it!

I still wanted to see how this game fares with age-appropriate children so I rounded up my adorable niece and nephews, Emily (8), Ryan (6), Tyler (7) & Ben (11) to try it out. They had a blast playing four rounds and said it was a lot of fun and very easy to understand. It was the kind of game, they said, where you need reflexes but since it also teaches you about shapes and colors, it helps you learn at the same time. They thought the shapes were tricky because they were very similar, but still different, and all of them agreed it made learning fun.  They thought it was a little like “War”, but with different shapes and colors.  This game is for children ages 8 and up and takes about 15 minutes. 2-10 players take turns flipping cards and if they see a match they grab the totem. The one who grabs first gets to rid of his pile of discarded cards and the winner is whoever gets rid of all his cards.

Jungle Speed is available at Toys R Us, Target and Amazon, as well as other major retailers.

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