Halloween Treats: Candy Corn Brownies

By Nico Harrington

You see them every season in your 99 Cents Stores, Dollar Tree’s or local supermarkets.  The holiday shaped baking tins. This is really easy and fun to do. Use a regular size serving box or pouch of brownie mix (Can also be found in 99 Cents Stores too) and prepare as directed.

During the very last 5 minutes of baking time, cover the top with Candy Corn and melt to preferred likeness.

The longer it melts, the less chewy and harder candy texture. Once cooled, flip over onto clean or waxed cutting surface and cut into desired sizes.

These are wonderful served warm with ice-cream!

* If you find that the candy has melted too much and will not pop easily out of the tin, these baking tins are super easy to cut away ;)


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