Family Food: New York Brunch… Great for Breaking the Fast or Anytime!

by Maytal Wichman

Quick – what’s the ultimate New York Brunch? If you guessed bagels & lox, congratulations – you are the winner! Indeed, for many New Yorkers this is the quintessential New York breakfast meal so if you want to impress out-of-town guests who are first-time visitors in new York – this is the way to go. Nothing says more New York than warm, crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside bagels with a schmear of cream cheese and generous slices of quality lox. Serving it with tuna salad, herring and a vegetable salad makes it a complete meal. Or if you are looking for an idea to break the Yom Kippur fast, here’s a healthy version:


Four whole-wheat bagels
One package low-fat cream cheese (or low-fat/non-fat Greek yogurt – it goes great with the lox)
1 package of lox (preferably nitrite-free – you can find in health food stores)
One small jar herring in wine (if you can get one without high fructose corn syrup – all the better)
3 cans tuna (in water), drained
2 heaping tsp Nayonaise
2 heaping tsp relish (also better without hfcs. I like Trader Joe’s has organic relish with cane sugar)

For the Salad:

2 tomatoes
1 English cucumber
Half a romaine head
Juice of 1 lemon
Pinch or two of oregano
1 tbs walnut oil


Make the tuna salad: mix the tuna with the naynnaise and relish.

Make the salad using the last six ingredients. (You can add walnuts and craisins to make it fancier).

Arrange the bagels in a pretty plate or basket; Using an ice cream scopper, scoop tuna salad and cream cheese balls (if you’re using cream cheese). Garnish the lox with kale leaves, capers, olives and/or pickles. Arrange the herring on a pretty plate.

Slimming Version:

This meal makes a great “break the fast” meal after Yom Kippur, but ordinarily, you can certainly slash some calories by having a “slimming version”: Eat ¼ of a bagel and fill up on the herring, tuna salad & vegetable salad. You can also take out some of the dough from the bagel, toss it and spread with as much Greek yogurt as you want. The herring, tuna and lox are packed with Omega 3’s so even though they aren’t necessarily a low-calorie food, they are super-healthy and together with a salad make a meal that can (and should) be eaten often. (As mentioned before, watch out for additives like nitrites, hfcs and also mercury – mostly in the tuna).


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