Fall Craft: Fun, Homemade Halloween Scarecrow Decorations With Your Child’s Face!

By Julie Terrone

Want to make your neighbors, friends and family do a doubletake? Make Homemade Halloween Scarecrow Decorations with your children’s faces! For the past 5 years I have made mini scarecrows for my front steps as Halloween decorations. You can easily keep it inside too.  What makes these scarecrows so unique is that I use my kids’ faces as the heads.  It’s an easy project and is a cute decoration.


Newspaper to crumble up (you’re going to use a lot)
Plastic super market bags to put the newspaper into
Clear packaging tape
Child size overalls
Child size flannel shirt
bandana (optional)
Stick (a thick tree branch) to prop the head
colored yarn
2-3 Rubber bands
A close-up photo of your child’s face


  1. Fill 6 plastic bags (like you get from the super market) with newspaper to make the arms, legs, chest and heads of the scarecrows. The arms and legs don’t have to be filled very full, the head filled a bit more and the chest should be the biggest.

  2. Use the rubber bands and wrap them around the bottom of the flannel shirt. Use colored yarn to tie up the bottom of each pant leg, and the cuff of each sleeve.
  3. Squeeze the bags to get the air out and fit one bag in each arm, each leg. Then insert the chest bag into the shirt and secure the shirt in place with the shoulder straps.
  4. Cut the picture of your child’s face. Squeeze the medium sized paper filled bag and match the photo to be sure to cover the bag. Using a long pieces of the clear packaging tape, cover the photo wrapping around the head.

5. Insert the stick into the bag head as the neck, and then fit it into the shirt behind the chest bag.  Position the scarecrow on a step for support.

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