Bike Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Now that Autumn is here, it is a perfect time to get ready for those long afternoons spent cruising around the neighborhood on two wheels (or four!) Jeff, experienced owner of Sayville Bike Works,  helped us come up with a few guidelines to keep us safe while out on the road.

  1. Proper Attire is Necessary- Comfortable shoes, clothing and of course, a proper fitting helmet (required by law for anyone under 14, but recommended for all ages!) He also added that knee and elbow pads can be useful for those just learning to ride without training wheels.
  2. Tune Up Your Ride- Make sure your bike is in good shape- Owners can check tire pressure and make sure the chain is lubed up. An annual tune up is a good idea and can run about $25-40 depending on the bike’s needs and size.
  3. Rules-Always obey the rules of the road and ride WITH traffic.
  4. Wear visible clothing- Dusk comes earlier these days making it harder for motorists and other bikers to see you.  Reflective clothing, blinking headlamps or reflectors (retails for approximately $15) can dramatically boost your level of safety.
  5. Reflectors-Make sure your bike has reflectors. Six reflectors on the bike itself are highly recommended. One on each wheel, one on the seat post, one on the handlebar, and  one on each pedal.

For those riders that are accompaning an adult rider, Jeff says, “I am not against making money, but I will not even sell the front bike seats in my store.” He stands behind the rear bike seats and explains that he feels they are safer for you and your baby.  Bike seats often state that a child must be over a year in order to accompnay their parent, but Jeff says he suggests  his customers check with their individual pedetrician as some babies are ready earlier and some are not ready even at a year old.

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