Aw Shucks! Oyster Festival Entertains Attendees for the 28th Year

By Maria Wen Adcock

Seafood lovers, festival fans, and families looking for fun attended Oyster Bay’s Oyster Festival this past weekend. An estimated 200,000+ people made the trek to Long Island’s largest waterfront festival, organized by the Oyster Bay Rotary Club and members of the Oyster Bay Charitable Fund. With traffic backed up for miles, those utilizing the well-organized alternative parking lots and free shuttle buses helped to minimize the congestion.

The festival, originally held in honor of Theodore Roosevelt, has since grown to celebrate the town’s seaside and family roots. In addition to the annual oyster eating and shucking contests, visitors enjoyed live music, arts & crafts, and prizes from dozens of businesses.

Children played carnival games, rode on ponies and a camel, petted animals at the free zoo, and watched swashbucklers in the pirate show. Guests also toured the many ships docked in the West End Waterfront Pier including the famous John J. Harvey fireboat which saw much action between 1931 through 1994.

As expected the festival featured delicious oysters whether raw or fried. A separate food court area offered food lovers dozens of options: lobster rolls and bisque, clam chowder, soft shell crabs, apple pie with ice cream, potato pancakes, corn on the cob, fritters, pickle on a stick, and more.


Profits from the festival will be allocated to over 25 charitable organizations.

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