Road Trip Guide To Myrtle Beach SC: Wonderworks

Road Trip Guide: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Part 2 – Wonderworks

Visiting South Carolina and it’s raining??? Want to get out of the heat for a bit??? Go check out Wonderworks.

I was recently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and was looking for a new activity my kids would enjoy. I took my 4 kids ages 9 to 16 to Wonderworks. Wonderworks is a fun family adventure with over 100 interactive exhibits. It is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and just opened this past April.

When you walk into the building everything is said to be upside down, so you have to go through the inversion tunnel which “inverts” you. It is now time to start your journey. You can first experience the hurricane shack. Push the button and you will experience what it feels like to stand in 84 mps winds. Don’t forget to hold onto the pole!! We did!! You can then move onto other natural disasters and the anti-gravity chamber.

Move on to the back room where you can experience the 360 degree bike (height and weight restrictions apply). Pedal your heart out and see if you can get the double person bike to flip over 360 degrees!! Then you can practice your pitching against some major league players in velocity ball. Next you can play virtual air hockey! There is also basketball, snowboarding, a floor piano, and the alien stomper.

Go upstairs to experience the bed of nails (surprisingly it does not hurt), take quizzes, play with the 3D mirrors, and then onto mind ball, which by the way, measures calmness, not activity. I seemed to keep losing to my children. Then it is on to the Wonder simulator!! You can experience the roller coaster you have always dreamed of (height and weight restrictions apply)!! Bubble lab is your next stop, then onto space zone, where you can sit in a Mercury capsule and take a souvenir picture in a spacesuit.

Finally up to the last floor where they have a ropes course (height and weight restriction apply). Strap on the harness and explore the course! Climb balance beams, swing on ropes or just hold onto the pole as I did. For an extra $3, you can also enjoy a game of laser tag too!

When you are done exploring the inside (leave yourself a good 3-4 hours), move onto the outside. For an additional fee, the is another ropes course and even a zip line!! I definitely recommend visiting Wonderworks!! It is a fun family adventure you will not want to miss!!

For admission prices and hours check the website

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