Road Trip Guide: Niagara Falls – Fallsview Indoor Water Park Review

Where can you hang out in 84 degrees temperatures year round in Niagara, Canada? The answer is The Fallsview Indoor Water Park. We spent a whole day in this water park.  This park is in a great location and has direct indoor connections to four first-class hotels.  You can view Niagara Falls from inside the park!

This water park offers 3 acres of indoor fun all year round! Every 8 minutes a huge bucket on top of play area dumps 1, 000 gallons of water. There are 16 water slides up to 6 stories high. The wave pool activates every 20 minutes and lasts for 10 minutes. There are 4 tube rides that use single or double tubes. There was even an outdoor pool!  There is a Jungle Beach “dry” play area too and much more.

Upon entry, all members of your party are given a wristband to wear throughout your stay. The best thing about the wristband is that all children are measured before entering the Aqua play area and their height measurement is written on the band so attendants inside can check if there is any question about the height requirements for different slides.  I thought that was great, so my children would know what slides and areas they were allowed to go to.

Beach chair and lounges are available around the aqua play areas, but people claim them right away, so place your towel on your chair of choice to reserve it during your visit. Towels are provided and can be turned in for fresh, dry ones. (If you are lucky you might get a warm towel right out of the dryer.) My kids exchanged towels throughout the day with no problems. The flooring in the entire park was spongy and safe. I did not see one person slip once.

I highly commend the staff attendants for maintaining the cleanliness of this whole facility – this place was immaculately clean. I was really impressed with the bathrooms; I witnessed the bathrooms getting mopped numerous times to remove the excess water that was brought in from the aqua park. That was nice because the danger of slipping was reduced and, if by chance you did not wear shoes in the bathroom, it was not a problem. TIP: You’ll be the most comfortable wearing shoes in the bathrooms.  Even the water park area was cleaned and monitored by the attendants.

There was a separate area in the bathrooms with changing stalls, showers, lockers,a hair dryer on the wall, dryers on the wall to dry your body and a baby changing station.  Lockers were available for a fee by the entrance of the bathrooms.

The Water Slides: All slides were monitored by a light system and a staff member. One staff member stood at the end of each slide, by a podium with switches that controlled the lights at the top of the side. When it was a red light, you had to wait until it turned green to go. When the rider exited the slide, the switch was turned and the light turned green at the top for the next rider to go. This was great because it avoided collisions at the bottom of the slides.

In the Beach Party aqua play area for younger children, there were many slides to go down. Some slides had height requirements and some slides were partial or fully enclosed tubes to slide down. my 4 1/2 year old loved that there were mini tube slides for him in this area, because he was too short for the big slides.  The larger slides were located on the other side of the park.

TIP: take your time climbing up the steps.  You have to carry your single/double tube up many flights of steps to wait online for your turn. Most slides were fully enclosed, but not too dark tubes, while some were partially closed tubes. My 5 year old was not scared at all by the height of the slides or the slight darkness of the tubes.

There were 4 height requirements for the slides:

Requirement one: riders had to be 36 inches to ride the Beach House small slides;

Requirement two: had to be 40 inches or higher to ride the Beach house large slides; my 4 1/2 year old met this requirement

Requirement three: 42 inches and higher to ride the “Toob” Slides and body slides; my 5 year old met this requirement

Requirement four:  48 inches and higher to ride the Extreme Mat Slides; my 9 year old met this requirement


For ADULTS ONLY: there were 2 hot tubs with an age restriction of 16 and older to enter. These hot tubs were very hot and relaxing and they overlooked the whole aqua area. There was also a Bar located upstairs.

The Wave Pool: This massive water area was calm for 20 minutes, and then the water became wavy for 10 minutes. A number of tubes were specifically used in the wave pool. Life jackets were available in the lobby area if your child needed one.  This area went from zero at entry to 6 feet deep.   This pool is a big hit as on one side of the pool the waves get a little intense.  There was also a 4 bucket dump stand in the shallow area off the side of the wave pool. 3 lifeguards monitored this pool. We all had fun in this area riding the waves or just letting them push us around while we sat on a tube.

The outdoor pool had basketball hoops at various heights and the pool was 3-4 feet deep. Balls could be checked out from the guest service area by giving the room number of the hotel you are staying in or a $10 deposit which was refunded when you returned the ball. The water temperature was comfortable even though it was breezy outside of this pool. Lounge chairs are available for outdoor seating right by the pool.

A water spray and fountain area was available to splash around in. Younger children will enjoy this area the most. Any untrained babies or children must wear swim diapers.

There was a food concession which sold sandwiches, wraps, burgers, fries, onion rings, hot dogs, soups and salads and others. Fountain drinks, fruit juice and water were also available. Pricing was decent and the food was good. We had our lunch here and the we all were satisfied. No outside food is allowed in the park.

The Jungle Beach Dry Playground was a fun place to play away from the water. Located upstairs and overlooking the whole park, this play land had a height restriction – if you were taller than 48 inches, you could NOT play on this playground. Children had to be dry before playing, parental supervision is required, no running, and no food or drinks are allowed on the apparatus.  My kids had fun in this area after lunch.

Day tickets are available; tickets must be purchased for anyone age 3 and up; prices include tax and there are black out dates, so please check the website for more information.

This was a great way to spend the day (7 hours). The weather was a bit cloudy and windy outside, but it was comfortable inside this water park! We had a blast and so will you, no matter what your age might be. We highly recommend this fun indoor water park. This is definitely a place to visit again.

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  1. Donnie

    What a nice review. It is informative and complete with close attention to detail which would make any readers next or first visit that much more fun…

    Great Job!!!

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