Popular Kids Halloween Costumes for 2011

Back to School has come and gone and as the days pass, kids will be looking forward to the next big event…Halloween! Looking for an idea for 2011? Keep it mind to keep it age appropriate, comfortable and safe. Check with your school for any regulations they have impose (no swords, masks, etc.) We found the all of these costumes online:  Multiple stores carry the costumes as well.

We found them in Party City, Toys R US/Babies R US as well as these local stores:




Here’s a list of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2011!



  1. Spider Man
  2. Captain America
  3. Green Lantern
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  6. Batman
  7. Hulk
  8. Transformers
  9. Angry Birds
  10. Scooby Doo
  11. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  12. Pirates
  13. Mario Brothers
  14. Smurfs
  15. Thor


  1. Rapunzel (Disney’s version from Tangled)
  2. All things Strawberry or Strawberry Shortcake
  3. Smurfs (Smurfette)
  4. Olivia the Pig
  5. Cupcake/Ice cream
  6. Pirates
  7. 50’s Sock Hop
  8. Rock Star
  9. Witch
  10. Any Disney Princess
  11. Alice in Wonderland
  12. Jessie (Toy Story)
  13. Monster High
  14. Angelica (Pirates of Caribbean


  1. All things Strawberry
  2. Farm animals
  3. Sock Monkey
  4. Princess Jasmine
  5. Barrel of Monkeys
  6. Crayola Crayon
  7. Pirate Princess
  8. Little Red Riding Hood
  9. Transformers Bumble Bee
  10. Spider Man
  11. My Little Pony Cheerliee
  12. Elvis Presley

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One thought on “Popular Kids Halloween Costumes for 2011

  1. Annita

    This is a very cool halloween .The light is bright and will offer a ‘fright’ on Halloween night. Came in a good box, well protected. No complaints. You will like this.

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