Guide To Kids Classes: Music Together

When it comes to children’s classes it’s always important to stimulate your child as much as possible. As much as moms are there to socialize with other moms, one of the major goals is put your child around other children, and allow them to use their mind and body. One class that does all of this, and stands out among others is the Music Together class for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them.

The Music Together Class sponsored by Not Just Art at Once Upon a Treetop in Plainview is a warm and friendly environment for you and your child to interact with each other. The classes are specifically designed to accommodate the unique learning styles of the very young while being highly engaging to their adult companions. Activities are designed so that ALL ages can participate happily at their own level, no matter their aptitude or skill.

The class begins with a song welcoming each child to the class using his or her name. By doing this your child is able to feel more comfortable. Throughout the class the instructor uses songs and instruments to engage you and your child. At the beginning of the session you are given a CD so that you can sing the songs with your child at home, so that they will become more familiar during class.  This familiarity allows your child to get excited every time they hear a song or use an instrument they know! Music Together is based on the philosophy that all children are musical; you may be surprised to find that you are too!

You can find a Music Together class at one of their MANY locations on Long Island and beyond (we can also highly recommend the Music Together Classes at While They’re Little — see our review here.. If you are looking for a great class that engages your child in music and movement than Music Together is the perfect class for you.

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