Cold Spring Harbor Long Island with Kids

Cold Spring Harbor Long Island is reminiscent of an old New England town that one would typically find in Maine. With a quaint but lively Main Street this little village is a gem among it’s larger and more sprawling neighbors on the North Shore. Somehow, Cold Spring Harbor has been able to keep much of it’s charm and serenity but not for long, because we are about to tell you why mamas and kids should go there and shake the place up! Cold Spring Harbor makes a fantastic day trip with kids on any day of the week or season. Here are our picks on what to do:

Our tour around town began at the Cold Spring Harbor Library where we enjoyed the beautiful children’s room and play area. This library is not only beautiful to look at but also serves as a community hub where you can find out about local events and sights. We then walked into town past the waterfront park which is great for picnics or just simply letting your kids run around.


Don’t walk too fast past Kellogg’s or you are likely to miss this magical dollhouse store. It is the home to many hand made doll houses that children will love. On any given day you can find the owner tiling a miniature roof or painting a window.


The Firehouse Museum comes next down Main street where you can see three old fashioned fire trucks and see an old Victrola play a lively tune.


There are many shops down Main Street selling one thing or another but if you are in the company of children then the Gourmet Whaler is a must. We visited them for lunch and a sweet treat in the middle of our walk. Kids will love the old fashioned ice cream area and toy store. We parents like is too as the food is yummy and the staff nice.


With our bellies full of fish tacos and lobster rolls we headed to the Whaling Museum where kids can explore the history of whaling and sailing in this area of Long Island and beyond. If you are a more permanent resident in this area, the Whaling Museum also offers classes for preschoolers and hosts pirate and mermaid birthday parties!


A short drive further down Main Street we happened upon the Main Street Nursery which is filled with seasonal things for kids to do. A butterfly zoo in the spring and a haunted house in the fall this nursery even has a small petting zoo that kids can enjoy. The most amazing sight here however was the tea room that hosts brunch and high tea. You can sit among the flowers and munch on pumpkin waffles and pear cider as well as host your little girls tea time birthday party that comes complete with a walk into their fairy garden.


Cold Spring Harbor is most well known for it’s fish hatchery and DNA learning center but sadly we did not make it to either of these. We were too busy having a blast on Main Street. To get more info on Cold Spring Harbor visit their website here.




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