Back to School Essentials: Shopping for Your Teen’s First Day of School, Plus Coupon

by Patti Froehlich

Yes, it’s that time of year again!! The time of year that your daughter says, “I have nothing to wear!!! Can you take me shopping at the mall?” Once again, this year I get bamboozled by my teenage daughters, ages 13 and 16, into taking them shopping for back to school clothes. And so we hit the mall to our favorite store — which is Aeropostale!

We love to shop at Aeropostale for not only back to school, but all year round. They have stylish clothes at a great price. You really can get some great bargains, if you hit it at the right time. And shopping with coupons? Yes, that gives you an even better bargain!! My daughter recently purchased a little green jacket that was $80, on sale for $40 and then we had a 30% off!! Can you say jackpot?

Aeropostale has clothes from a size 00 or x-small up to an x-large for both male and females. It is a perfect store for that teen trying to find just the right look. They even sell undergarments and accessories. We LOVE their jewelry. Shh… don’t tell my daughters, but I even borrow a bracelet or two from them. The perfume and cologne? They smell terrific. Try spraying some of that into their gym bags or on their sweat socks!!

For store locations, visit the website at They’ve got an online coupon available — click here. They’ve got a younger kids line too – click here for an online coupon.

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