Back to School Essentials: Shopping for Tween’s First Day of School

Once again, summer is coming to a close and your tween is looking for that perfect outfit to wear the first day of school. It’s time to hit the stores and shop till you drop!!

Pre-teens are at that age where they want style, but we don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. New to the tween scene are clothes by Disney’s D-Signed CeCe & Rocky Collection available exclusively at Target. It’s a clothing line inspired by the Disney Channel’s hit show, Shake it Up. It seems, most tween girls will know what I’m talking about.

We checked these clothes out and thought they were perfect for girls’ sizes 7-16. They had many cool things to choose from. They have a pretty good selection of styles and sizes. We liked that there were no bare midriffs, or short shorts. Many of the outfits were given that splash of glitter or a touch of tulle. My one niece’s favorites (age 11) were the military style jacket and the fedora, while my other niece (age 8) loved the Rocker Chick Ensemble.

For store locations or to shop online, visit

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