Autumn Craft Ideas for Kids


by Maytal Wichman

We love for great ideas for all types of crafts. Their fall crafts are especially fun – here are a few cute ones:

1. Mosaic Cornucopia

This gorgeous and colorful craft can be hung on either the refrigerator door or the front door as a decoration. Ideal for kids age 4 and up, the mosaic is very simple and can be done with minimal supervision. This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about this symbol of abundance and fall harvest, and the meaning of Thanksgiving, in general.

Click here for instructions.

2. Fruit & Veggie Stamp Friends

Suitable for kids age 5 and up, this fun craft involves cutting up pieces of apples, squash and carrots and dipping in paint to make stamps. While you’re cutting up the fruit & veggies, snacking on the cut up pieces (before you use the paint) is definitely recommended!

Click here for instructions.

3. Leafy Door Hanger

Instead of an autumn wreath, why not make a door hanger made with a little branch or twig? This craft is great for kids age 5 and up and parental supervision is recommended.

Click here for instructions.

4. Branch Centerpiece

This easy to make craft is perfect for small children, age 3 and up. It can be a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner, or any family dinner when you want to make things a little more festive.

Click here for instructions.

5. Crow Corn and Beanbag Toss

While slightly more difficult – for kids age 8 and up – this craft also doubles as a game, so once your kids finish making it they can go outside and start playing. Make sure you supervise your kids when they are using the craft knife.

Click here for instructions.

6. Fall Foam Leaves Door Hanger

This adorable craft is for kids age 4 and up and is quick to make. My 4.5 year old daughter loves making all types of door hangers so this was something she did with little supervision.

Click here for instruction.

7. Halloween Centerpieces

These stunning centerpieces will be the talk of the Thanksgiving table. Suitable for children ages 6-9, parental supervision is strongly recommended. As with anything that needs lighting a match, make sure your kids do not light these centerpieces by themselves. Once lit, keep them at the very center of the table.

Click here for instructions.


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