The Mamas Movie Review: The Help

I recently attended a preview screening of “The Help”. This film will have you laughing and crying, angered by ignorance but touched by the special relationships that are formed.  Skeeter (played by Emma Stone) was raised by “the Help” – “a maid” whom she worshiped more than her own mother, is now grown and has a special way of speaking her mind and finding a way to make a difference through her writing. In Mississippi in the 1960’s, she takes a job as a weekly cleaning advice columnist, but aspires to be a real writer someday.Taking it upon herself to create a secret writing project, Skeeter builds an unlikely friendship with Aibileen and Minny, 2 maids who are house servants to some of Skeeter’s “friends”. Skeeter wants to tell their stories and convinces them to share their harsh truths about their white employers. This causes a lot of issues for Abileen, Minny and, Skeeter in their town, but after a while it creates change.  The movie runs 2 ½ hours, but is well worth it. The packed audience applauded with great approval at the end and I highly recommend you seeing this movie.

TIP: Bring Tissues; I am glad I had some with me. I saw this advanced screening with my long time, childhood friend and we both enjoyed it very much. Definitely a girls night out event (the audience was mostly made up of women, but there were some men too). “The Help” Opens in theaters nationwide on Wednesday, August 10, 2011.


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