Summer Craft Ideas

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By Tara Arichabala

Need some fun summer craft ideas to beat the heat? Look no further. Our favorite sites to look for craft ideas are and  These are a few of our favorites crafts:

Garden Stepping Stones and Decorations

Whats better than creating art that we can put in our gardens?!  Make your own stepping stones using quick drying concrete, mosaic tiles, gems and glitter.

Mix the concrete and pour into molds. Hint- if you add more water you will have a little more time to decorate.  Have your materials and designs ready as the concrete is quick drying. Have the kids decorate their very own stepping stone.

We cheated and bought the kit from Michaels. For directions on how to do this — go to

A House For Hermit Crab Craft

My kids are very excited to try this craft.  Be sure to check out the link below, as the author has included tips on incorporating reading and science into the craft for a great learning experience.

Create a house for a hermit crab using materials you already have around your house. This is a very simple craft as far as skill goes but you can expand on it for older kids.

Seashell Craft Ideas

This is the perfect summertime craft. On your next trip to the beach (or craft store if your not near a beach) collect shells of all different shapes and sizes.  We love taking our buckets to the beach and collecting. This blog has tons of great craft ideas to use those shells.  We loved the picture frames.

Colorful /bubble Art

What kid doesn’t love bubbles?! Here is a great craft idea to have some summertime bubble fun.  This is a very simple yet exciting craft. With some food coloring, bubbles, and straws your little one will create his very own masterpiece.

Acorn Cap Birds Nests

Next time you are taking a walk stop to collect the acorns!  With this great craft idea you will use the acorn caps to create miniature birds nests.  All you need is some paint and a few pebbles.  We loved this activity because we were able to expand on it and use it as a teaching moment. We taught the girls about the nest (why do birds make nests, etc) and even got to see some eggs hatch in the big nest in our backyard!

Ocean In A Bag

Gather some sand and collect a few shells at your next beach outing.  Recreate the ocean in a zip lock bag using the shells and other craft items such foam fish stickers.  To make the ocean water all you need is some lotions and blue food coloring.


What are some of your favorite summer craft ideas for kids?


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