Family Road Trip Guide: Sesame Place (Tips and Hints for Making Your Visit Fun!)

Sesame Place is a located in Langhorne, PA, making it a “doable” day trip from Long Island and NYC.  We decided to make it a mini vacation since there’s plenty to do and see at Sesame Place.

Here are our 5 tips to making Sesame Place a fun experience for the whole family.

1. Prepare for the water. Bring your swimsuits, water shoes, plastic ID holders, and towels — as a good portion of the park is filled with water rides.  As there are other things to do besides the water rides, you’ll need an extra set of clothes. There are lockers and changing facilities located near the park’s entrance.  

We decided to hit ALL the water filled parts of the park first, so that once we changed, we could unload our extra baggage to see the rest of the park.  We found the water areas a bit intense for the littlest ones and opted for a naptime stroll while the older children splashed, poured and doused themselves in water!

Swim diapers are required for any child that is not fully potty trained.

Editor’s note: They sell swim diapers at the park, but the price is expensive. There’s a Babies R Us across the street (and a Target and Walmart close by) if you need to grab some.

2. Hit the shows earlier in the day, and line up a 1/2 an hour BEFORE the show is set to begin.  We didn’t heed our own advice, and while the shows, (We liked “Elmo’s World”) were quite entertaining and of course, friendly to all ages, it was harder for the children to sit and enjoy the show.

3. Break up the day. We advise actually making a plan while visiting the park. There is a playground section that was perfect for right after lunch when the children needed to run around a bit, get out some energy  and interact with one another.  The playground area is mostly covered which provided a cooling shade from the afternoon sun.  There were plenty of things to do for children of all ages.

4. Arrive early. The park currently opens at 10 AM. This is NOT a good time to think about lining up at the gates.  It is difficult enough to make an excited toddler wait for anything, especially when it involves seeing their favorite character friends!  We recommend lining up anytime after 9:30.  (You don’t want to make them wait TOO long!) Every bag, and stroller will go through bag check, so pack light. Overstuffed bags are hard to check and they will make you take everything out.  Have tickets handy.  Character breakfasts start earlier in the day (which cost extra, but may be worth it) and will let you get a jump on the lines and can head into the park a bit earlier.

5.  Get your hand stamped.  We were traveling in a group with children of all ages and needs.  Mid day it was time to take a break, say goodbye to our Sesame friends and head back to the hotel.  We recommend getting your hand stamped so after a break, you can head back into the park for the many evening activities, such as the famous Sesame Neigborhood Street  Party Parade.

Editor’s note: As with any trip with kids, know what your children are wearing and snap a photo with your smart phone right before you enter the park. This way, if your child wanders off, you can describe what they’re wearing and show a picture. This actually happened when we went to Sesame last year and the description helped find my son quicker (he was almost 5 and had been “hot” and wandered away so quickly). Due to my description, my friend found him and brought him back to us.


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