Road Trip Essentials: KidCo’s Go Pod Portable Activity Seat

You’re about to go on a road trip, or even to visit the beach for a day — if you’ve got an active, older baby, KidCo’s GoPod ($50) is a lifesaver! It’s a portable activity seat with that your child can stand in. We like it because it unfolds and folds up quickly and compactly (and has it’s own travel bag with a shoulder strap). You can attach toys easily to the loops (make sure you have a link that can attached to each the loop and the toy).  It comes with a canvas floor (so it’s perfect for parks and the beach). Want to give your baby a cup or bottle? No prob – there are two cupholders!

We first tested the GoPod at my mother’s house – where we really can’t let the baby crawl or cruise around unless we are watching him. The GoPod was great, because it gave us a safe place to let him play. The first time I set it up, I didn’t extend it to the highest setting, so my baby was kind of sitting in it. I quickly learned how to adjust it (I took the baby out first). Simply push the button in, extend each of the four corners and make sure the button comes out the hole (so it locks in). Since then we’ve taken it up to my old sleepaway camp, Surprise Lake, to the beach a few times and to friend’s houses — we love that it creates an instant child-friendly space!

Photo Courtesy of Caryn Leigh Photography


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