More Summer Craft Ideas

by Maytal Wichman

Summer is coming to an end. School & daycare are around the corner; but there are still days when it’s just too hot and muggy to go out. How do you keep your kids occupied after they’ve done their usual books-toys-cartoons routine? One suggestion is arts & crafts that you can make together. Here are a few ideas you’re bound to enjoy.


Make a Mosaic:

Using a big cardboard paper, draw a flower, a star, or anything else you like. Decorate the drawing with small beads, buttons, dry beans, lentils, or small pieces of colorful paper or cloth using glue. I cut long strips of colored paper and had my four-year-old cut them into small pieces and glue them into the flower mosaic in the picture above. She also glued some dry lentils.

Paint the Sea:

Have your child paint a picture using watercolors. The painting can be of the sea, a beach scene, etc. Sprinkle salt on the wet paint for sandy texture and let the painting dry.

Make a Doll Town:

Using long empty place cards (which can be purchased at Staples), draw display windows of different stores using crayons or colored pencils and include merchandise in the storefront. For example, my four-year-old and I made display windows for a toy store, a candy store and a clothing store. I drew the candy and mannequins and she colored in the clothes and drew some toys. Other examples of stores you can do are: grocery, a pet shop, etc.

When finished, set up the stores: fold the place cards to make them stand and use small dolls and cars to create a city. Dolls can be barbies, dolls from a dollhouse or from Lego’s, etc. Now your child can pretend the dolls are going shopping.

If you don’t have place cards, you can just use white cardboard paper, or even an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper. Cut it in half and fold the piece in half. Then draw a rectangle around it to make it look like a storefront.

Make a Collage:

Say goodbye to summer by making a college of all things summer: cut out pictures from old magazines of things which remind your child of summer; for example: the pool, watermelons, bathing suits, beach ball, flip-flops, popsicles, the sun, etc.  Glue onto a piece of paper.

Draw a Forest:

Pick some leaves outside. Back inside, have your child draw a lush forest, a jungle, a park, etc. using crayons. Glue some leaves onto the tree tops.


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