Mama Time: Make Up Artist Evy Drew Organizes Your Cosmetic Bag

When was the last time you went through your makeup bag? Last month, I attended Momtrends Beauty Bash Media Event in NYC, held at the Persona Salon by Krister Atle. We were treated to hair, skin, makeup, and brow treatments along with information about the latest Plastic Surgery procedures (I just hit 40 and while I may never do it, it was good to find out about it). I also met Makeup Artist Evy Drew. Besides doing a fabulous makeup job on my (tired, up with a baby all night) face and showing me how to do a smoky eye,  also she told me about another service she offers: Sorting through your makeup bag.

She’ll come to your home (or you can get a bunch of girlfriends together) and she’ll help you go through your makeup bag. Instead of throwing out all your makeup, she’ll help you figure out what should be saved or tossed and recommend products to add to your look. Since I’m someone who does not leave the house without my MAC Studiofix Powder and I still lloooove my Mac Spice Lip Liner, I thought this was a terrific idea.  She’ll even go out and purchase it for you (you’ll have to pay her back, of course) and then she’ll show you how to use it. She could also teach you that how to create that smokey eye! Instead of having a girls’ night out, have a girls’ night in with Evy Drew!

Price range $200 + up (available for three to four women

Contact Evy at 718-237-8552 or

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