Long Island Ducks Minor League Baseball

Looking for an inexpensive fun night out for the whole family??? How about a Long Island Ducks Game??

The Long Island Ducks are a minor league baseball team located in the Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip. They are one of America’s most successful minor league teams. The ballpark is almost filled to capacity (6,000 seats) each night and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Tickets start at $11 for box seats and $12 for field box seats. There’s a picnic area for groups of 50 or more, which includes an all you can eat buffet of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, corn, salad, beverages, and snacks.There’s also a bouncy house as well as mini suites for 20 guests or more. The suites are fully furnished; air conditioned rooms for nightly rental with cable TV and balcony seating. A rental fee is required. There is also Smokin’ Al’s party deck. This area is down by the 3rd base line. It includes 40 game tickets, wait service and a special pre-ordered menu. A rental fee is also required. We had the pleasure of sitting 8 rows up to the slight left of home plate!

The food and drinks are reasonably priced and taste pretty good. The concession stands are conveniently located on the main floor, plus there are vendors walking throughout the park.  hot dogs to peanuts to cotton candy.

There are all kinds of contests going on throughout the game. We happened to be there when the 5 millionth fan walked thru the doors. The Ducks reached five million fans faster than any other professional sports team with a stadium their size. This is their 12th season of play.

Players are on hand before the game to sign autographs. We were able to get Bud Harrelson’s autograph. He is a part time coach and part owner of the team and also a “69 Met!!

There is no parking fee and the gates open one hour before game time.

Overall, the Long Island Ducks experience was a family oriented fun event that any baseball fan should take advantage of!



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